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Cheryl Couture Inc, Queen of the 1 Hour Weave, has been a prominent hairstylist in the cosmetology industry. She has owned 5 salons, a hair boutique, she's also a published author, certified life coach, a mentor, a mother and now wants to help those who would like to live the 6-7 figure lifestyles as a hairstylist! Cheryl's successful businesses, compelling story and unique teaching ability has allowed Cheryl to retire at 40 years old and have a lifestyle that some can only dream of!! Cheryl has the ability to teach complicated subjects like entrepreneurship, marketing, leadership, mental toughness and MANIFESTATION in a way that is being grasped and understood by the majority of people in her audience.

Master What Matters!! In Cheryl Couture's Fun Yet Proven Digital Hairstylist Accelerator Program 


  • No Tech Skills Needed To Access, Can Be Accessed Quickly From A Smartphone, Computer, Laptop Or Touchpad!

  • MODERN Training Videos That Are Actually Fun So You Actually Want To Watch And Learn From them!

  • Watch As Your Skills Accelerate Day By Day, As You Do Each Module Fully, & Watch Clients Come Back To You While Also Referring Their Friends!

  • Learn Step-By-Step From Chery Couture, A Retired Hairstylist, Salon Owner, Business Credit Advocate & Business Brand Educator!!


Here's What You Get With The Hairstylist Accelerator:

15+ Modules That Include Dozens Of Self-Guided Training Videos, Demos & Checklists
($12,997 value)

With this self-guided digital training and checklist, you will watch training videos I personally created, As well as other professionals,  demonstrate activities, read directions, see examples, and are pointed to exact resources for a skill to practice so you can MASTER WHAT MATTERS. 

But you don’t just watch, you do actions, or demos to practice things such as fundamentals, or advanced design and coloring techniques that you will need to know about. The magic happens when you send your before and after pictures/videos or videos to me or your mentor, in each training module. 

From there your video gets checked out, which will confirm your move to the next action. Any quick corrections can be addressed exactly & quickly by your mentor or me. 

That means within 90 days you can learn techniques that took me years of failure to learn. Build your clientele, increase foundation & skills, and feel WAY MORE  confident to handle any client who walks in the door.

A Proven Consultation System That Will Get You More Repeat Bookings
($10,397 value)


In addition to dozens of self-guided training videos, Lessons, and checklists to do in order, you’ll also have access to my proven consultation system to easily create a custom hair plan for your new clients.

You’ll get more positive reviews with it and much happier clients, you know, the kind who like to refer their friends!

This is the same consultation system I used in my own salon, and everyone who worked at my salon used it. It's like our secret sauce. Enough said!!


What You’re Going To Get:

  • (Hairstylist Accelerator Program ($12,997 Value) 

  • (My Proven Hairstylist Consultation System) ($10,397 Value)

  • Bonus #1: A year of free access to my Private Facebook Group for you to network in and to keep yourself accountable ($497 value)

  • PLUS NEVER seen before Video Lessons from Special Influencers and ICONS in the beauty Industry. (Priceless)

  • Bonus #2 90-Day ​ Stylist Success Increase Promise (Priceless)

Normal Price: $23,891

Today Only: $497

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