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Cheryl Pickett, CEO

My name is Cheryl Pickett and I help individuals IMPROVE their credit score, make financially sound decisions & educate my clients on leveraging credit to obtain freedom!

With my proven techniques and strategies I help my clients see 30-140 point increases within the first 30 days of using my services! I have a one on one relationship with my clients so I can educate them what they don't know to ensure that they will have the knowledge to continue to keep an amazing score!


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Credit worthiness is an overlooked asset in our community. I'm here to BREAK THE CYCLE!!

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     Consumer Education Services LLC, is 100% dedicated to providing the BEST Results to our clients when it comes to restoring their credit. We achieve this by ensuring the credit bureaus & collection agencies adhere to the FCRA & FDCPA consumer laws. As a result, we relentlessly fight for our clients until every erroneous, inaccurate and unverifiable account is removed from their credit file.

     Furthermore, we provide a wealth of  knowledge to our clients on how to maintaining  and continue to increase their scores post their credit restoration journey.

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