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     Cheryl Couture is a licensed hair stylist. The current owner of CHERYL COUTURE INC hair salon, CCI HAIR BOUTIQUE, PYNK VALLEY LINGERIE and CHERYL COUTURE UNIVERSITY.  Cheryl is the second generation in her family to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Developing her gift at just 12 years of age, she knew that this talent would come to be her primary source of income. Early on she began setting goals to one day become the owner of her very own Hair Salon. She has owned 5 profitable hair salons in a span of 8 years.

     Cheryl has become that entrepreneur she set out to be as a young woman; an entrepreneur that is rapidly building a reputation as an industry favorite, through her innovative techniques, wealth of knowledge in the beauty industry and her ability to teach that knowledge. She is growing at an astounding rate.


     She proudly owned Orlando's First Premier Express Service Salon, in which she sold in early 2013 to launch her own line of exotic 100% virgin hair extensions. She now has a successful online hair extensions boutique which has made her over $100,000 in sales within a 2 month period. 

     Her hair line entitled, CCI Hair Boutique, provides her clients access to the most prestigious, 100% Virgin Filipino, Indian & Cambodian Hair extensions known to the industry. These luxurious bundles last for years. There is no need to purchase more hair once you invest in any of these. Her hair company is making its way around the social media moguls. From Jessie Woo to Steph Lecor, these women know what good hair is and acknowledge it to the social media world!


     Cheryl Couture prides herself on helping others which caused her to launch Cheryl Couture University, a business coaching and mentoring platform designed to help entrepreneurs that are new to the industry, in the launching phase or already in production and ready to launch!!

  Whether is business coaching or mentoring. Volunteering her time or counseling a client, her heart is always ready. Cheryl Couture has now launched her virtual business mentoring calls that start at $99/hour. You may also book her to coach you one on one for a higher fee. Click here.

     Cheryl Couture would like to wish you the BEST and good luck reaching your goals!!!


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